About Us

Gleev Motors PVT LTD is a Startup India recognized startup, currently involved into manufacturing of premium Portable Electric Kick Scooters. It was founded by Abhishek Singh, a Mechanical engineer who has worked in the field of Health , Safety & Environment in multiple organizations. Though work  started in April, 2020, Gleev was born in February 2021 after doing extensing R&D on the first prototype. Our first product was launched in April 2022 as a pilot and has proved to be a very successfull one. Now we have entered into full fledged operation, delivering products PAN India.

What are we trying to solve?

  • Increasing traffic in rapidly urbanizing India
  • Lack of parking space
  • Lack of charging infra

We believe that small size vehicles are going to solve all these issues and are going to be the favourite mode of commuting in near future. 

What have we built?

Currently we are manufacturing India's most advanced and feature loaded electric kick scooter called PROTOS. It is light weight, ultraportable and can be used in day to day life without any hassle. It is easy to ride, can get in and out of the traffic easily, can be kept inside your bedroom, tucked under a table or carried on a metro or bus.

It can be charged easily just like any laptop or mobile. Hence no more traffic issues, no more struggle for finding a parking space or looking for a charging outlet.

Why our product?

Our product has been specifically built for Indian roads after extensive testing. We can proudly say that our product is the most practical electric kick scooter out there in the Indian market. Our product is on par with any international brand both in terms of quality and features. Our aim is to provide world class products to our customers. 

Who can use our product?

One single term 'Everybody'. Our product is very easy to ride, in fact those who haven't ridden two wheelers before can learn to ride our scooter in a single day.

Our product can be used by

  • Teens
  • Office going people
  • Elderly people who can't ride conventional 2 wheelers
  • Factories, warehouses, resorts, IT parks etc.

What next?

Though we have started with portable electric scooters, we will be doing much more. We wil increase our product lineup soon with super exciting & efficient products.

Join the mobility revolution with GlEEV!