About Us

From The Founders’ Desk


I am Abhishek, a regular guy who has always dreamt of doing something unique, something that will be remembered, something that will be a problem solver in people’s life. I am a Mechanical engineer having experience of working in the field of Health, Safety & Environment also known in short as HSE. So, whatever I am doing today is connected to whatever I have done in my past professional life. Also, being an automobile enthusiast, I have always wanted to do something special in this field & GLEEV is a platform where I can finally do amazing things.

How It Began?

Let’s go back in time a little bit. It was the year 2020 & country was facing the first ever lockdown of such kind. I was stuck all alone in my Flat in Noida with nowhere to go & nothing much to do. So, like most of the folks out there, I was scrolling through social media feeds too & I noticed that people where sharing photos of clean sky & clear Yamuna. For the first time in a long time people were aware about the ill effects of pollution!

At the same time there was another challenge that people were facing& that was a safe mode of transport. Taking public transport was not a safer option anymore. Many from the middle-income group wanted to purchase a bike/scooter but it was not possible for all to get one as the prices of 2wheelers were crashing through the roof.

This made me start thinking about this problem seriously & I started looking what is going on in other parts of the world in the field of personal transportation. And I came across an electric kick scooter that felt no less than a miracle to me. Then I began comparing the Pro & cons of this product with conventional 2wheelers & kick scooter won in almost all areas except few like passenger carrying capacity & long commute.

Then the research on economic & technical front began, leading to a conclusion that this project is going to be feasible. Then idea was discussed with Saurabh in May 2020, who is my classmate from college & runs his own firm of automation. Then in June 2020 idea was discussed with my schoolmates Abhishek Ranjan &Bishalwho were hesitant in the beginning but were convinced once I told them how good this product is &how much value it can add to peoples life. These two were my first Angel investors. In October we had a prototype to test & do some R&D on the design. We rented our first factory in December 2020, formed GLEEV on 23rd Feb 2021. But then again, the 2nd wave came by end of March & we had to hold our operations for few months. But it just moved our timeline a bit further, we were not ready to quit & kept on pushing. Finally, we were ready with our final version of the product PROTOS by Jan 2022. But again the 3rd wave came & derailed our plans of launching the product on a big stage & we ended up shooting a launch video on a farmhouse & releasing it online on 27th of Feb 2022. And that’s our story so far & it is far from over yet!

Our vision

At Gleev we want to produce world class electric vehicles equipped with latest technology. Vehicles that will be unique in every aspect, be it in looks or features. PROTOS is an example of that, there’s no other two-wheeler like it, loaded with features that will make even high-end bikes shy away.

Basically, all our vehicles are going to be your PAL- PORTABLE, AFFORDABLE & LOVABLE & yes off course fun to ride too!

Our mission

To be the flag bearers in the field of micro mobility & make these micro mobiles a mainstream transportation choice of people. Problems like pollution, cost of ownership, running cost, maintenance, parking & traffic are on our hitlist.

What future holds?

Currently we will be building a lineup of portable scooters & some other two wheelers. There’s much more futuristic lined up ahead & will keep on revealing as we grow.

We need all of your love & support to succeed in this endeavor, be with us!

Our early backers

Bishal Prasad

Bishal is an experienced IT engineer with a work experience of about 10 years. Currently located in Singapore

Bishal Prasad,


Abhishek Ranjan

Abhishek is an electrical engineer, has worked in the field of energy audits, transmission & distribution lines. Currently he is located in Bihar Sharif.

Abhishek Ranjan

B.TECH (Electrical)